Tour Manager

As an experienced multilingual tour manager with an extensive practice of operations at international level, Rafael is ready to undertake all kinds of assignments, including the planning, supervision and management of tours taking place on any part of the world. The assigned tasks will be performed with the secure aim of achieving the best results, ensuring a successful tour, by reason of the services to be provided which beyond question will exceed the conventional expectations. On that ground, all the required mechanics for the smooth running of the groups will certainly be in place, as well as the expected disclosure on the tour of the cultural, geographical and economic aspects and other relevant information of the concerned countries. Not to mention specially the attentive care to all the small details, which at the end is what makes a considerable impression for gaining a happy customer: and as it is well known, a happy customer always brings another one.

Rafael’s excellent expertise has been widely acknowledged by the enthusiastic response and praise from various groups, which without hesitation request once more his special aptitudes for managing tours. Following there are few examples that clearly illustrate the above-mentioned assessment.