About Rafael

The indispensable tour manager

Above everything else Rafael is a tireless traveler, who from an early stage has thrown himself at exploring the world, seeking to mitigate somehow a constant craving.

This unremitting pursuit has strengthened his passion for languages, turning himself into the accomplished polyglot, who cultivates a cultural versatility, providing Rafael with the advantageous aptitude to plunge with amazing promptness into all kinds of cultural environments. Besides, his globetrotting vocation apart from furnishing Rafael with a thorough knowledge of cities, countries and places, has sharpened his human touch, which without doubt is the underlying personal faculty that propels his unwearied impetus.

It is then quite natural that Rafael has chosen a professional career in the travel industry, considering the restless trait of his character. Being the consummate traveler he stands at a privileged position to fulfil aptly the most aspiring expectations of any exigent customer. As an experienced professional Rafael holds in high esteem the tourism industry, which in effect has become the venture that manifests more authentically our changing world caught under the force of globalization. Rafael is quite convinced of the truism revealed in the maxim that to travel is to live, which today seems to acquire a more urgent necessity.